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Groceryshop Spring Meetup unites the biggest community of retailers and brands, all here for one critical reason... to build the future of how people search, shop and spend, and to find the tech partners to help them do it.

That’s where you come in. And making game-changing connections at scale has never been this efficient. 

At Groceryshop Spring Meetup, we take the pain from finding and meeting your next retail clients. 

We put you in control with every one of the thousands of meetings between retailers, brands and tech providers that we facilitate requiring a double opt-in by both parties, meaning every minute you spend at the table is valuable to you. No other show on the planet does this.

Whatever you need - we’ll ensure you’re connected to the right people and ideas.

Meet retailers and consumer brands like these looking for their next game-changing tech providers


Grow your business

Do you want a platform to announce your latest partnerships, products and innovations?

Meet with top media like:


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Are you interested in raising capital?


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